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About Us

The Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution Team

The ‘Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution Team’ (PACT) is an group of like-minded people who share a vision of promoting the use of consensual dispute resolution. As a collective, PACT aims to catalyse the development of consensual dispute resolution across Indian, and beyond borders, through its initiatives implemented for the communities. PACT provides its resources in conflict resolution or dispute settlements, and offers a wide-range of range of training and workshop programs for education in consensual dispute resolution. PACT is a premium and global network of professionals in the field of consensual dispute resolution.


With great pride.

In the past eighteen months, PACT has together trained over two thousand students at law and business schools in different corners of the country. Through several open forum sessions, PACT engaged with hundreds of professionals coming from different industries and businesses. In the same spirit, PACT collaborated with several other initiatives that focussed on channelizing a dialogue and dissemination of information consensual dispute resolution processes. All in all, PACT aims to create awareness platforms for students and professionals to become effective users and ambassadors of consensual dispute resolution processes.

Conflict? We got it, no problem.

PACT readily provides its knowledge and human resources for matters in need of conflict resolution or dispute settlement, and offers a wide-range of training and workshop programs for education in communication and consensual dispute resolution. As a young start-up initiative, PACT has been striving in breaking barriers to initiate a dialogue to imbibe new approaches to resolving conflicts beyond the traditional adversarial modes, and spreading awareness about the available alternatives of consensual dispute resolution processes like conciliation, mediation, and negotiation.

The Vision

  1. The foundation of a sustainable peace in India and the world through peace-building and conflict-resolution processes.
  2. Become a trusted actor in peacekeeping and conflict resolution in India and globally, and bring different actors together for the development of peaceful interactions between individuals, organisations, neighbourhoods, communities, and the nations.
  3. Become a melting pot of unity in diversity, acting in cooperation with individuals, organizations, and countries; thereby, strengthen national and international structures of peacekeeping and conflict resolution. 
  4. Create and promote dialogue, and bridging communication gaps between individuals, organizations, and communities.
  5. Support and encourage students and young professionals into becoming ambassadors of consensual dispute resolution.
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