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"Changing the way of conflict resolution, and sharing that the key to resolving conflict is the suspension of one's own of view as the only point of view."

About Us

The ‘Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution Team’ (PACT) is an group of like-minded people who share a vision of promoting the use of consensual dispute resolution. As a collective, PACT aims to catalyse the development of consensual dispute resolution across Indian, and beyond borders, through its initiatives implemented for the communities. PACT provides its resources in conflict resolution or dispute settlements, and offers a wide-range of range of training and workshop programs for education in consensual dispute resolution. PACT is a premium and global network of professionals in the field of consensual dispute resolution.

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  • PACT is committed to support and encourage people from all walks of life, especially students and young professionals, to become effective users and ambassadors of consensual dispute resolution through workshops, training programs, and open forums.

  • PACT is committed to work with government agencies, at local and national levels, in research, policy making and development of frameworks in the promotion, implementation, and use of consensual dispute resolution processes, to go hand-in-hand with the traditional judicial system.

  • PACT is committed to create a pool of professionals and experts in the field of consensual dispute resolution in India, and unite them to contribute to research, innovation, academics, and literature.

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