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The Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution Team

"I am delighted to be given the opportunity to recommend PACT. To me, Jonathan and Timothy represent the future of mediation and modern dispute resolution in India. They have extraordinary prescience, a keen understanding of the needs of those in conflict, and an experience well beyond their years. Hurry to engage them, before their success carries them out of reach."

Prof. Andrew Goodman
PhD | Mediator | Mediation Trainer |Barrister ( London, UK)

"The young professionals involved with PACT are outstanding examples of their generation of Indians who are truly committed to making India and the world a better place. They are true examples of servant leaders in practice. So, I am privileged and honored to do not only know them but to consider them friends. When I learnt of the creation of PACT, I was truly pleased to know that these young professionals were committed to bringing their enthusiasm and mission to a larger audience. I am privileged and honored to know and support PACT."

Thomas P. Valenti
Attorney | Arbitrator (ACIArb) | Mediator | Facilitator (Chicago, USA)

"PACT is a brainchild of outstanding academics with an immense level of globally gathered expertise. The creative minds behind this initiative are highly respected professionals and enjoy sharing their knowledge in their role as lecturers and worldwide travelling experts. One of many unique features is that both bind up theory and practice, and enrich their specific projects with the ability of critical thinking and complex analysing."

Daniel Erdmann
Mediator | Trainer | Director General of World Mediation Organisation (Berlin, Germany)

"Jonathan and Timothy are the dynamic duo of ADR in India. They left a great impression on me during successive CDRC events in Vienna, where they competed very successfully. As coordinators and organisers at the 2016 Lex Infinitum in Goa, they did a fantastic job of dealing with the myriad wishes and expectations of participants and professionals. It is simply the logical next step for them to co-found and develop PACT, which is so essential for the future of ADR worldwide, and I will support them in any way I can."

Charlie La Fond
Negotiation Coach | Trainer (Vienna, Austria) 

These two creative, positive, energetic and incredible students of mediation proved to be ready to start in the Mediation field as respectable professionals. Since then, and beside the fact that I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I have the joy of meeting Gracious and Jonathan in other competitions and also by reading and admiring their articles. PACT will positively 'impact' the way how disputes are solved worldwide. Mark my words!

Alexandre P. Simões
Attorney | Partner at Ragazzo, Simões, Spinelli, Lazzareschi e Montoro Advogados (Sao Paolo, Brazil) 

"When I met them, I immediately felt the happiness to see such brilliant minds flourishing so fast. These young adults have impressed their own University by founding what will be the future success for India in Law and Mediation working hand in hand. PACT is only the beginning of what we will see coming with such driven individuals, and I cannot wait but to be honoured to be part of this plan. From Los Angeles, I hope to be part of this brilliant path to put the seed wherever we can."

Thalia Veintimilla
Mediator | Director at Conflict Resolution Centre LA (Los Angeles, USA) 

"PACT has setup a path for all ADR enthusiasts to express themselves on a great canvass of creative freedom ensuring stimulation of mind and heart with the common objective of "resolution". The big step of addressing the problems and evaluating the weaknesses surrounding the Mediation practice has already been taken by you. I am sure the team of PACT will achieve its noble objective of spreading awareness and creating a sustainable environment for the growth of ADR in India. I am truly thrilled to be part of this spectacular journey."

Shashank Garg

"Today more and more countries are adopting mediation as the first protocol of dispute resolution. Adjudication is the last resort after all attempts at collaboration and dialogue fails. Change begins with the youth. I congratulate PACT for bringing together young minds to look at conflict differently. I wish you all success and God's grace in your efforts to make this world a better place."

Laila Ollapally
(CAMP, Bangalore - India)

Loyola Ward 
Utorda, Salcete 
Goa, India - 403713


Phone: +91 - 97659 87280