The Online Dispute Resolution Competition – ODRC – was conceptualized to promote the understanding of different kinds of negotiation scenarios and making participants hone their negotiation skillset by requiring them dive into existing workplace situations.

Through this and background research required to understand the problems of the competition, ODRC provides a platform for participants to learn about various fields within which conflict resolution is required. The first as well as the largest of its kind in India, the competition takes the entire experience one step further by not only allowing, but in fact encouraging interactions and communication between participants, assessors and all others involved in the competition.

Over the past editions, ODRC through its competition problems has explored a vast array of scenarios wherein negotiation has been required, ranging from post-dispute negotiations, treaty negotiations to term sheet and pre-contract negotiations.

The vision behind the competition is to bring together like-minded individuals eager to promote the growth of consensual dispute resolution and explore to application of technology in ensuring that growth. ODRC provides a holistic experience to its participants, ensuring they obtain maximum exposure to the field of consensual dispute resolution.



1. Tech-enhanced Negotiation Strategies

2. Live and Transparent Scorecards

3. The World Premiere of the All-Inclusive Final

4. Admission to Mediate.com Academy

5. Virtual Entertainment Programs

6. International Mentorship opportunities for the participants

7. Institutional Partners

8. The International Council for Online


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