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India’s Internet Citizens Can Finally Settle Online!
Jonathan Rodrigues, Co-Founder, PACT, on challenges of a start up, online mediation, and a career in ADR
IBA-VIAC CDRC Vienna 2017 - Where Mediation and Negotiation Cross Borders
Dealing With Bad Connections, Inside-Out and Outside-In
Investor-State Mediations/Conciliation in India
The Downside of Arb-Med-Arb Procedures
UNCITRAL Convention on Enforceability of Settlement Agreements Resulting from International Commercial Mediation
Why Do We Need A Mediation Law? After All, Mediation & Conciliation Are The Same Thing, Right?
Are we Missing the Point? – A Young Mediator’s Perspective about Mediation in India
Mediation in Domestic Violence Case: Whether to Use or Not to Use? – An Indian Perspective
Negotiation and Mediation: Is that a Law Student's Cup of Tea?

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