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A program for mediation and arbitration advocacy.

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About GAADR 2.0

General Information about GAADR by The PACT

GAADR 2.0 will strengthen your client consultation skills and your understanding and practice of the role of a lawyer in ADR forums,developing your negotiation techniques and equip you with strategizing tools when approaching a mediation or arbitration case, learn drafting of arbitration agreements, perform case analysis, understand and practice cross-examination, prepare argument, and other allied practice points that makes one an all-round ADR advocate.

(1) Accreditation in Mediation Advocacy from the Standards and Competencies in Mediation Advocacy; (2) Certification in Arbitration Advocacy the Kapila & Nirmal Hingorani Foundation; (3) Endorsement of the Singapore International Mediation Institute; (4) Empanelment on The PACT’s roster for ADR/CDR lawyers, affiliated with the Federation of Associations of Small Industries of India and the Association of Mediation Assessors, Trainers and Instructors.

Dr. Aman Hingorani (Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India) and Marcus Lim (Executive Director, Singapore International Mediation Institute) will be the lead trainers at GAADR 2.0. In addition, our lead trainers will be joined by Vyapak Desai (Partner, Nishith Desai Associates) and Tejas Karia (Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas), Jonathan Rodrigues (Partner, The PACT), and Nisshant Laroia (Partner, The PACT).

A unique week-long “stay-on-campus” will allow participants to network and socialize with each other and develop professional friendships, besides sharing fun memories and diverse backgrounds. GAADR will demand total participation and involvement from the participants during the interactive sessions, masterclasses, and simulations, besides other fun activities. #WorkHardPlayHard

Registrations are NOW OPEN. This edition follows on the great success of GAADR 2018. The positive reception received by the earlier edition eclipsed even our most optimistic expectations. We are confident that GAADR 2.0 will cement its place as a must-do course for practitioners both new and seasoned.

Download the brochure for eligibility criteria. Should you not be eligible, please feel free to register and send in your CV if you’re interested to join the program (your acceptance, however, shall be discretionary).


All programmes offered and organized by The PACT, including the Global Academy for Advocacy in Dispute Resolution (GAADR), are accessible on an equal basis to applicants regardless of their professional affiliations, gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation or other personal characterization


Curated by The PACT

The PACT seeks to pull together all of the various strands of mediation and arbitration advocacy under one roof – GAADR 2.0.

Conflict is inevitable in any society and with the economy and globalisation penetrating every sphere of life, disputes and differences are on the rise. Young lawyers have been brought up to read the bare Acts – find the loophole in the law and the weakness of the other’s legal position and polarise the disputing parties. 

However, advocacy is majorly untouched. Particularly, the legal industry in this age demands a more adaptive and productive lawyer, one who can represent client in any setting – in the courtroom or out of it. As in courtroom, Alternative Dispute Resolution methods (like mediation, conciliation, and arbitration) cover a limitless array of concepts, skills,  and viewpoints.

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