December 7-10, 2019

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the second edition

Advocate Maximus

Save the dates, and get ready for the biggest Arb-Med stage of the year, from December 7-10, 2019.

The Inspiration

The Title – “Advocate Maximus” refers to a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer, who is as good a negotiator as she or he is a arbitration lawyer. The Patron – “Ratan K. Singh” is named to recognise and honour his continuous contribution to the field of ADR. The Logo – The “Wings of an Eagle,” soaring in all its glory. 

The PACT conceptualized Advocate Maximus to promote the understanding of different kinds of dispute resolution scenarios that involve the interplay between arbitration and mediation, with simultaneous and sequential use of mediation and arbitration. 

The competition model first starts with an arbitration session based on the Moot Problem. Arbitration counsels from each team argue the case, which may consist of issues relating to procedure, jurisdiction, and substance. After the arbitration session, the same arbitration counsels change hats and become mediation counsels (or other members of the team come in as mediation counsels) to mediate the same Moot Problem. In every mediation session (i.e., preliminary rounds, followed by the advanced rounds), the mediation counsels deal with a new set of confidential information that the counsels receive after the arbitration session is over. 


This varied spectrum of complex situations or mixed-modes that this competition features includes situations in which arbitrators “mix modes” by facilitating discussions and possible agreements on procedural matters or helping “set the stage” for settlement through management of the prehearing process; rendering consent awards based on settlement agreements; shifting from the role of arbitrator to that of mediator on substantive issues. 

Advocate Maximus could also include situations in which mediator, charged with helping to facilitate settlement, “mix modes” by using non-binding evaluation as a means of encouraging settlement; helping parties to design a dispute resolution process, or “setting the stage” for arbitration. In Advocate Maximus, the role of the arbitrators and mediator is played by professionals or expert assessors, who evaluate the students by their performance in the arbitration and mediation sessions.

Mr. Ratan K. Singh heads “Chambers of Ratan K. Singh”. His area of practice includes Arbitration (domestic & international), Construction, Infrastructure, Engineering & Technology Law, Real estate, Commercial Law (Domestic and International), Mining law, etc. He did his Masters in Geology and Bachelors in Law from Delhi University in 1996. He is Fellow of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (FCIArb), UK and has done Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration from CIArb (UK).

He is the founder Chairman of Society of Construction Law, India. He is also Director of India Branch of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) UK and Member of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) Task Force on Dispute Resolution. Mr. Singh is also accredited tutor of CIArb, UK. He is visiting faculty of Indian Society of International Law (ISIL)

Ratan K. Singh, FCIArb

Advocate & Arbitrator | Founder-Chairman: Society of Construction Law, India | Director: CIArb India

Teams beyond borders

Teams can be a hybrid of students from various universities (“Teams Beyond Borders”) who create their own law firms to compete for the title of Advocate Maximus

Unique Competition Format

A blend of the best competitions in the world, producing the best of both arbitration and mediation stages

Creative awards and networking

Creative awards for best performances, classy socials and networking events, and much more...

Competition Snippets

Chief Knowledge Partner

Singularity Legal is an international law firm servicing Asian clients in cross-border deals and disputes across the globe.

Its industry focus includes Energy, Mining & Infrastructure, Trade, Commodities & Shipping, Institutional Investors, Funds & Financial Services, Radical Technology & Businesses. It dispute resolution experience includes advising clients in International Commercial & Investment Arbitration, International Mediation, cross-border commercial, tax & regulatory litigations and white collar crimes.

Special Thanks

The Jeff Kichaven Scholarship Grant

For teams participating in Advocate Maximus from Underdeveloped Nations.

Now Available

Competition Rule Book, 2019

The Rule Book will be include details about allowed team structures, the registration fee, awards, and all participation related rules.

Competition Guidebook, 2019

The Rule Book will be include details about allowed team structures, the registration fee, awards, and all participation related rules.

Competition Case File, 2019

The Competition Problem will be released in the month of May, 2019. For notifications, follow us on Facebook or contact us on [email protected]. The memorial guidelines will be released at the same time

Teams Registration, 2019 (Live)

For notifications, follow us on Facebook or contact us on [email protected].

Experts Registration, 2019 (Live)

For notifications, follow us on Facebook or contact us on [email protected].

2018 Messages

“Advocate Maximus combines the two most useful dispute resolution mechanisms – arbitration and mediation – into a single competition; designed to equip future lawyers with both adversarial and non-adversarial skills. The skills and knowledge that the participants will have gained by the end of this journey will help each one be an Advocate Maximus, an all-round lawyer.”
Ratan K. Singh, Advocate & Arbitrator, India
“At Advocate Maximus, students compete in both mediation and arbitration advocacy and study in master classes with international ADR experts. It’s a challenging way for students to learn and practice their skills. With Advocate Maximus, India is adding to its luster as a host and generator of thought leaders in conflict resolution. I fully expect these students to be future notables in this field."
Judith Ittig, Arbitrator & Mediator, Washington DC

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