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What We Do At The PACT? We Ideate, Innovate, & Inspire.

Workshop & Bootcamps

We offer various workshops (boot camps) tailored to the needs of the audience, whether a group of students, lawyers, or other professionals. We create original course modules after consulting its network of local and international experts. To keep it practical we focus on simulations and feedback to keep the participants engaged

Training Programs

At the advanced level, The PACT offers various training or certification programs for practitioners, businessmen and women, and mediation advocates and advisers. The training are generally led by international experts in the field and courses are in-depth, practical, and relevant for effective dispute resolution through consensual means.

What else we do at The PACT

Other services in one place

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring competitors for consensual dispute resolution competition in India and abroad

Competition Support

The PACT provides its support and experience in the organisation of mediation and negotiation competition, bringing quality to the event

ADR Board and Initiatives

The PACT supports the creation of ADR Boards in law schools and collaborate in conducting various national and international programs


"I love the way PACT approached ADR. Rather than being a subjective learning their analytical method of teaching made me look at the other side of arbitration and mediation, which I haven't during my entire semester at college. I'm grateful to say that I have, indeed, learnt a lot in a week that, I haven't all this time. Thank you so much PACT, I love to participate in upcoming workshops by you."
Keerthana Gedala
Law Student
"I attended PACT's Workshop on Mediation which was organized in ILS Pune in 2017 and since then I have been following the progress that they have made. I must admit that what PACT is doing is immensely changing the outlook of law students towards conflict resolution."
Karan Mahla
Law Student
"I attended a week long workshop (GAADR) held in Goa. It was a wonderful experience of unlearning and relearning the strategies on conflict resolution. The training focused mostly on practical skills which we generally miss out on in law school. Although, one might know the do’s and don’ts of these skills, to actually apply them in each situation is totally different ball game. The trainers were very approachable."
Vibhuti Kenny
Law Student
"PACT has been instrumental in introducing me to the world of ADR. With what started as a two-day certified workshop for just another thing to write on my CV has now turned into my career preference. A much-needed initiative in a system where every person might not know the law but are aware of the backlog in our judicial system. To PACT! ADR all the way!"
Abhilasha Agarwal
Law Student
"My association with PACT started with a 2 day workshop on Mediation and Negotiation. The techniques and methods that were learned in those 2 days are helpful in day to day dealings in office, while attending meetings and handling clients. PACT not only gave us a glimpse into the world of negotiation and mediation, but it also opened new avenues for us. I hope to attend and be a part of many such workshops and seminars in future."
Shruti Kulkarni
CA, Pune
"At a time when the world is moving towards Consensual dispute resolution as opposed to the traditional methods, India has been in dire need of the leaders and ambassadors of CDR - a role that PACT has mastered to perfection!"
Yashraj Samant
Law Student


Intercessionis Community Mediation Competition, Pune

Intercessionis, an ILSCA-PACT Community Mediation Competition is the only community mediation competition in the country, providing participants with the opportunity to test their core mediation skills and experience model community mediations through various rounds of competitive simulations.

Sports & Entertainment Mediation Competition, Patiala

With mediation gaining traction, the ADR Cell of RGNUL, in
association with The PACT, organizes a first-of-its-kind mediation competition specific to the industry of sports, entertainment, and media.

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Join our workshops and training programs and start building the most wanted career in dispute resolution. We make sure every class is easily understood, fully practical with real-life simulations, feedback, and that all students reach the same level of expertise needed for today’s demand in the dispute resolution industry. 

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to develop a skill set in consensual dispute resolution (whether negotiation, mediation, or conciliation), and possibly work as a dispute resolution professional or qualified employee in the field of law, business, and others.

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